Wednesday, 18 March 2009

(PS) Sa-i dam Cezarului ce e al Cezarului

PS: o anumita contributie, si ca mentor, si ca sursa de inspiratie pentru mine, a fost si va fi un dobitoc caruia nu pot sa ii scriu sau sa ii pronunt numele ( multumiri Ciornei ).

Monday, 16 March 2009

Lyrics... Why?... I don't know

Dupa cum se poate vedea in ultimele 2 postari, pe blog se regasesc ceva versuri. Versurile incep sa-mi ocupe cam jumatate din tot ce fac eu la liceu in general: o jumatate am pauza, o jumatate scriu versuri si o jumatate... sfanta sticla fie cu mine :D. Aceste versuri sunt doar exteriorizari ale mintii mele, in general tulburate de plictiseala, indiferenta fata de majoritate, nevoia de o tigara si de o bere in timpul orelor si mai ales de un scurt moment de inspiratie pe care il transpun pe hartie.

Atat!... O sclipire si versurile unei melodii sunt ca si scrise, fapt favorizat si de mediul in care le scriu. Obisnuiesc sa scriu la orele pe care le consider inutile si prea grele, momente in care mintea mea vrea sa fie in orice alt loc decat acolo, in prezent. Asta reprezinta versurile pentru mine: o cale de evadare, un mod placut de a ma exterioriza, mod relativ constructiv, o eliberare a propriilor sentimente si ganduri... Probabil din acest motiv nu mai am jumatate din caietul de franceza :) :D

Pana acum am 2 postari, Living Fears si Decieving me. Urmeaza: Tried to survive, Shadow of steel and light, Decided, All those years si, versurile la care am lucrat cel mai mult, "Danced with the wolves".

Deceiving Me

This is what I think when I think about you...

Limbs of fire from the ground
Bringing fear in my own heart
Showing me how we are bound
Feeling how I'm torn apart


Watch how you're deceiving me
Lies and pain are what I see
I'm the one you shouldn't be
Take my life 'cause now I'm free

Happiness was always fake
'Till our bond began to break
In a word you tell 2 lies
Hear them all and my soul dies

All the sorrow that you caused
Filled me with you, emptiness
Killing me is what arose
Leaving death in loneliness

Much too late I realized
All those things I know are true
You're the thing that I despise

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Living Fears

Ore de Franceza, plictiseala, un pix si ceva idei...

Darkened sound of bloody guns
Black dimension were evil spawns
Hit the flesh and spill the blood
Piles of corpses drown in mud.

A place of holy fuckin' sins
Good and evil- beloved twins
God and Satan know their means
Wheels of time had stopped their spins

People dying in their tears
Angel and Demon drinking beers
Madness in their mind appears
They are facing living fears.

Humans attracted by temptations
They come back as black mutations
Earth itself feels their vibrations
Their eyes transformed in constellations

Human sins are to be paid
Now you think of what you made
Paid the price and you got laid
Your own life begins to fade