Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sabaton si alte alea

Hei hei,back from Sabaton dudes and it was great.Great show,great sound,great playing and overall a great band.Pai,ce sa zic,am dupa ce am terminat la liceu cu Academia de gasca am fost in AlcoHole cu Mada si a fost foarte cute,apoi am mers pana la Victoriei si in comoditatea mea,m-am suit in taxi si am zburat spre Geo.Ajuns la Geo,am mancat ceva pentru ca eram mort de foame si ne-am bagat la un Family guy (pe bune,am ras cu lacrimi,ultimul episod a rupt orice cota si intra usor in top 10 "cele mai funny chestii pe care le-am vazut").Am vazut si niste Nostalgia Critic si am plecat la drum spre Silver church,unde ne astpta un show de zile mari.Am prins si Alestorm,care au bagat un Keelhauled foarte misto si apoi ne-am bagat la vreo 2 beri pana sa inceapa Sabaton. Concertul a inceput cu un intro si cu Ghost division si a continuat cu niste super piese dintre care nu au lipsit Primo Victoria,Attero dominatus,Rise of evil,Cliffs of gallipoli,The final solution,Uprinsing,40-1 sau Metal machine/Metal Crue ("The rainbow in the dark is shining").Ce sa mai zic,decat ca la sfarsit,am luat autograf de la clapar si tot ce am putut sa zic a fost "thank you so much and this was a great fuckin' show".Chiar nu prea pot sa descriu cum a fost asa ca o sa continui cu acele "alte alea".
Mai,eu sunt super pasionat de muzica,in special de muzica pe care o ascult eu si de multe ori piesele pe care le ascult au o influenta foarte mare asupra mea si mai ales asupra starii mele de spirit.Sunt piese cu mesaj,sunt piese in care mai mult sau mai putin,daca citesti printre randuri iti dai seama ca situatia in care te afli sau gandurile pe care le ai se potrivesc perfect cu piesa respectiva.Nu vi s-a intamplat asta niciodata? Imi vine greu sa cred.Asa,si ma gandeam,asa obosit cum sunt,sa bag aici ceva piese care chiar au o influenta asupra mea.
Ok,incepem cu the big one,aia pe care nu o intrece nimeni,adica Black sabbath-Heaven and hell.Ce sa zic,consider ca in piesa asta se afla un adevar.Da,un adevar despre viata in general. "They say that life's a carousel,spinning fast you gotta' ride it well,the world is full of kings and queens,who blind your eyes and steal your dreams,it's heaven and hell,and they tell you black is really white,the moon is just the sun at night and when you walk in golden halls,you get to pick the gold that falls,it's heaven and hell,oh well"....what can i say? Always makes me think about life in a positive way.

Kamelot-Hunter's,aici e complicata treaba. " 'Cos we were always alone,we were born in the hunter's season,all i really ever wanted was for you,you to die in the arms of someone"...deep mesage here.

Kamelot-So long,well,this is like the song that i fall asleep on. Why? 'Cos "Sleep tight,this day belongs to you my dear".

Iron maiden-Coming stiu de ce dracu mereu imi dau lacrimile pe piesa asta. "Coming home,far away,as I see the runway lights in the misty dawn the night is fading fast,Coming home,far away,as the vapour trails aline where i've been tonight,you know I will not stay"

Deep purple-When a blind man cries.Wow,jeesh...asta mereu ma face sa fiu nostalgic.O ascult rar,deobicei dupa o tragedie.Drama queen? Imi permit? Presupun ca da...mno...acum ce vreti? Sunt intr-un moment de sensibilitate,so "Hear me grieving,lying on the floor,whether i'm drunk or dead I really ain't to sure".

Si vorbind de sensibilitate...hey...

Avantasia-The story ain't over "When you open your eyesW,hen you gaze at the sky,When you look to the stars,As they shut down the night,You know this story ain't over"
Always a delight,always brings a smile and a tear.

Si...pentru momentele alea cand imi e dor...
Avantasia-What kind of love...dunno just does. "What if love will leave your heart an open sore,And I can't reveal what even I don't know,The love you feel you waste away on me,What kind of love would let us bleed away,No kind of love would make us bleed away"

Si atunci cand sunt la pamant rau de tot ori Heaven and hell ori Wasted years "Face up,make your stand and realize you're living in the golden years".:)

Cand ceva ma enerveaza si ma afecteaza ceva, ori ascult Five finger death punch ori Sea of madness de la maiden "Like the eagle and the dove,Fly so high on wings above,When all you see can only bring you sadness,Like a river we will flow,On towards the sea we go,When all you do can only bring you sadness,Out on the sea of madness"...hmm...n-am mai ascultat de ceva timp si nici nu cred ca e nevoie.:)

Si asa ca idee generala...Def Leppard-Hysteria,partea asta chiar imi place si cred ca reprezinta cel mai bine cam...well...tot:)

"I get hysterical,Hysteria,Oh, can you feel it (Oh can you feel it) Do you believe it (Do you believe it)It's such a magical mysteria,When you get that feelin' (When you get that feelin') Better start believin (Better start believin')"

Habar nu am de ce am scris postul asta care se voia a fi dragut cred,desi aproape sigur nu mi-a iesit,dar mna,ok,aberez.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Weekend Warrior

Hehe,ce weekend bestial! Bai,de-ar fi 3-4 zile pe saptamana asa,huuuh,genial ar fi.Deci,sambata la 11 am avut repetitii cu Alex si a fost foarte ok and all that.Ne-au iesit super ok semi-coverurile pe care le0am facut si am si filmat.Defapt,Mada a avut bunavointa sa filmeze si a facut-o excelent,surprizand foarte bine cearta dintre mine si Alex intr-o pauza de la Hallowed be thy name,cand nubul daduse o gherla.Sau nu? Ma rog,apoi am fost cu Mada si a fost foarte foarte nice.:) Later on,am fost la Geo si ne-am uitat la:
-Nostalgia critic "Sandy Claws? What the hell?"
-Family Guy " It's like America before the great french gay immigration." "Dad is retarded? OMG how will I be able to go back to school? -Oh yeah,that's right.This is it! The thing that's preventing you from going back to school,jeopardizing your great reputation.It's not because your awkward social life or you prelongued hours of hideousy or your Felix Ungarish way of clearing your sinuses"
AT4W "To question,to reason self,in eternal detrucity that lies beyond of something that happened long ago... what? wtf? what is this bullshit pylosophy...what the fuck happened long ago? What is that? What's detrucity?"
Mi-am luat si ceva jocuri ofc,doar Audiosurf,Lotr battle for middle earth collection&Conquest,Sw Battlefront II & The force unleashed II....vreo 15 Gb bine umpluti.
Oricum,foarte tare weekendul si...hei...mai vreau.Da ma,un weekend de vreo saptamana asa,sa iau o pauza.E cineva racit? Va rog. Dar,i'm looking forward to the next week and..I somehow have a feeling that it's gonna be better than the one that's just passed.In rest,un pic obosit si intr-un mood destul de dubios,dar hei,nimic care sa ma opreasca sa zambesc.:)

Si asa,ca sa las si ceva morala in postul asta,chiar destul de buna zic eu.Adica,brilianta defapt,piesa Weekend Warrior,cu tot cu versurile.Nu pot sa nu zic ca nu am o legatura extrem de strasa cu piesa.Merita,in special versurile,so check it out.

Iron maiden-Weekend Warrior

The rebel of yesterday, tommorow's fool
Who are you kidding being that cool ?
Trying to break away from running with the pack
But they ain't listening so you've gotta go back

You're a weekend warrior when you're one of the crowd
But it's over, just look at you now...
You're not so brave the way you behave
It makes you sick, gotta get out quick

It's all bravado when you're out with your mates
It's like a different person goes through those gates
And the game begins, the adrenalin's high
Feel the tension maybe someone will die...

[Chorus:]A weekend warrior lately
A weekend warrior sometimes
A weekend warrior maybe you ain't that way anymore

You've gotta get out gotta get away
But you're in with a cligue it's not easy to stray
You've gotta admit you're just living a lie
It didn't take long to workout why

It's hard to say why you got involved
Just waiting to be part, just waiting to belong...

[Chorus:]Some of the things that you've done you feel so ashamed
After all it's only a game... isn't it ?
And after all the adrenalin's gone
What you gonna do on monday ?
A weekend warrior lately
A weekend warrior sometimes
A weekend warrior maybe you were never like that at all.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Tired and sleepy.Some lyrics:)

Hmm,bai nu prea am chef sa scriu asa ca o sa bag niste versuri p'aici,proaspete,scrise in 381/313,cu ceva Phoenix pe fundal.Ma,io's mandru de ele.Adica,deja am facut linia melodica and stuff.Habar nu am despre ce sunt,dar ascultam Phoenix,ma uitam pe geam si parca s-au scris singure:).

The agony of the present
The moonless nights i live alone
And the need of some protection
That i don't think will ever come

It's striking me like lightning from the sky
Things like this make my sight grow dim
unseen and quiet i walk away and cry
My blood wil freeze and then i'll want to SCREAM!

To scream!
To scream like the dead will follow
And drown
In water much too shallow
Scream! and bleed!
When all my dreams are dying while you feed

Why must I face the wrath
Of the caring you don't show
Tired of this too linear path
I never get the things I want

Enchained in grief but you are free
you just forgot about me
I don't know how i should be
to make you stop this misery

You can't hide from what you don't know,
One by one you sink them near the shore
In my eyes the coldest wind will blow
Everyday you make me die a little more
And then i want to scream!

To scream!
To scream like the dead will follow
And drown
In water much too shallow
Scream! and bleed!
When all my dreams are dying while you feed

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Spirit crusher

N-am mai scris cam de ceva timp pe aici.De ce? Pentru ca am fost super ocupat cu tot felul de probleme si chestii care parca apar asa,din nimic.Au fost niste zile mixte rau.Obositoare pana'n panzele albe si tot o tin asa,pe fuga de ceva timp.Nu am mai scris pentru ca nu am avut timp/chef/dispozitia necesara/net.
Ma rog,am tot avut repetitii la teatru care m-au tinut ore in sir prin sala de festivitati.Am tot avut proiecte si chestii de scris si profi cu care sa ma joc hide and seek si deci,dupa ce ajungi acasa,dupa 8-9 ore de stat in liceu,chiar nu'ti mai arde de scris.
Si cat despre liceu,hmmm,ore un pic boring,pauze aproape inexistente,fuga fuga fuga fuga spre o chestie aproape neimportanta in momentele de genu'.Si ma tot satur ca lucruri care ar trebui sa fie pe planul 1,sa fie mereu puse pe planul 2,ca atunci cand pui pe hold,dar mna,asta e situatia.Nu sunt suparat sau ceva,doar ca ma oftica frate.Hmm,i need a break and a kit kat.Ca atunci cand iti pui mainile sub cap,te intinzi si zici "'s so good".Well,it is,but i don't really have time to enjoy it.Mna,presupun ca sunt in the mood for smiorcaiala.Dar na,hey...Iron Maiden pops out of nowhere and sez something like " So understand,Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years,Face up...make your stand,And realize you're living in the golden years" :)
Being strong ain't always easy,but for me,as sure as hell it's 100 times harder than giving up.
And,despite all the stress and all the bullshit , I am happy :).

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Helloween,relief and freezing (sau cum am intrat in Meli Melo)

Da'n'tradevar,incep acest post enervand pe cineva.Nu intelegeti nimic si asta e bine.Deci in weekend am fost la un party de Helloween cu ocazia zilei lui Kitty si a fost mixt.Partyul a oscilat intre muzica buna,rasete,bautura,certuri conjunctivale (da,stiu ca nu e asta cuvantul) si orgii desfasurate intre Iisus si un betiv la fel de beat ca Iisus.Asa,deci a fost 2 in 1,si Helloween si b-day party.Sincer,m-am dus pt b-day party si pentru ca Kitty imi e prietena veche.Eu cu Helloweenul nu's de acord si nu prea am fost niciodata,adica...ce treaba ai tu,ca roman,sau pseudo-roman sa sarbatoresti...ei bine,nici nu prea stii ce sarbatoresti.Ideea e ca imi plac petrecerile tematice,cu costume funny (referinta la filmul Eyes Wide shut oare? ar fi dubios) in care lumea se distreaza.Problema e ca astfel de petreceri pot fi organizate oricand,nu neaprat pe 31 octombrie.Ma rog,nu mai dezbat.Asa,partyul a fost dragut,in sensul ca m-am simtit extraordinar in compania lui Lemmy de la Motorhead,cu care am avut niste conversatii destul de ok.Sa nu uit de co-Salonteanul Fantoma de la Opera.De asemenea,mi-am petrecut 2 ore certadu-ma cu un scotian semi-beat,alte 2 ore mediind conflictele intre bandele de pirati si teroristi abuzivi fata de dansatoarele lor haremice.Ma gaseam apoi in fata unei usi de dupa care se auzeau zgomotele unei orgii in toata splendoarea,cu un betiv spart care plangea in fata ei,pentru ca voia sa se duca sa se vada cu Mike si/sau pentru ca primise un cap in gura aplicat la perfectie.
Asam,drum solo on keyboards, stiti voi d'astea,apoi duminica am dormit si am stat home all day jucand kotor.Luni a fost obositor.Marti a fost oribil.Miercuri a fost genial.Azi a fost miercuri.Da ma,azi stateam in curte si am fost luat cu arcanul spre tinuturi necunoscute,avand o misiune de "seek and strike".Ma simteam ca in Monthy Python and the holy grail,dar tu nu stii asta,si nu vei afla niciodata. Asa a inceput aventura ce avea sa urmeze (Iron Maiden,These colours don't run refference: "Where you're going lies adventure others only dream of") ,ca mai apoi sa fiu tarat pana la poarta Mordorului (one day you will get this joke,by god I swear it).Da,era Meli Melo-ul,locul opus masculinitatii,locul in care se zice ca barbatii se geyizeaza.Dar eu nu.Bravul de mine a intrat acolo si a infruntat pericolul exprimatului de pareri despre genti.Nu mi-au fost cerute.Acum realizez.A fost un test.
Apoi am traversat Raul Betonului crezand ca stim unde mergem.Mi-a fost ceruta parerea in ce priveste "unde mergem?" si voiam sa zic chestii si sa dau sugestii,dar cuvintele se pierdeau pe undeva.Am intrat in catacombele unui supermarket unde nu am gasit nimic,decat niste farfurii si hartie igienica,lasate acolo probabil de alti hoinari ponositi ce cautasera....lucrul.
Ei bine,am hotarat ca...whatever we were looking for nu e acolo si ca trebuie sa fie pe undeva prin the acient archives of the city.Zis si facut.Luam o corabie pe Raul Beton pana spre malurile pe care se afla biblioteca.Calatoria a fost lunga si deja incepusem sa ne pierdem speranta.Nu mai aveam apa si greata incepuse sa isi faca prezenta.Intr-un final,am ajuns la biblioteca.Am intrat vulgar si cu nesimtire,dar,spre mirarea si fericirea mea,am fost pasuit (nu zic asta cu ironie,dar vreau sa mentin aerul povestii asteia wannabe).Nu am gasit nimic acolo si am zis sa ne punem corturile pe undeva prin apropiere,sa ne tragen sufletul si sa bem o fiertura.Provizile de tutun se terminasera,dar pana la urma,am fost ajutat de catre o mana criminala (criminal de geniala) si we moved on.Am lalait-o prin our camp,ca mai apoi sa fim binecuvantati cu prezenta unui menestrel ratacitor.Am mai stat la o vorba si apoi am plecat infrigurati fiecare la treaba lui.Unde s-a dus gasirea whateverului? Nu stiu. My part here is done.You must do this alone. I will pray for you.Thus having spoked she turned away and though I found no words to say,I stood and watched untill I saw her black cloak dissapear(hababa,nu zic ce cantec e). Hey,cand cuiva ii e somn si vrea o poveste ar trebui sa citeasca postul asta :-".
Oirucm,azi a fost genial si honestly,mai vreau.