Friday, 1 April 2011


Ok, so this is the song in wich i've put everything i had, if it's good or not, you decide. It will be 10 mins long.

Silence gets so loud sometimes
Inner voices fill the void
Could I know the reason why
Life just stalmates in the cold

Waging war against myself
A fight no man can win
I am lost between the depths
Of a dark and souless dream

Of a loud, yet unheard scream
Pillar against i cannot lean
And the trip, so i begin

Murederous thinking
The shores of a mind
Supposition's been linking
With the truth that's left behinf

Afraid of the huge void
Uncertainty's caused
The smile it destroyed
And time it has paused

Oh, whatever might happen
Oh, whatever might be
Whatever might happen
We'll never see
Trough anyone else's eyes

But if I had the knowledge
Answers layed in front of me
If I had the knowledge
Truth be all that i can see
If I had the knowledge
I could pretend i am blind
If I had the knowledge
I would find my peace of mind
If I had the knowledge
Fear would be just a key
To the truth that lies eternaly
Knowledge come to me

Oh, why this condemnment
Why all this fear
Why this entraptment
Why can't you hear?

The vision is deadly
Imagination's the same
A world so unfriendly
And no one to blame

Yet my mind is flying
To another land
Yet my fire's dying
My life's in her hand


But her hand's so far away
A second's enormous
Still, i will not say
I can't feel the bond between us

Moments are changing
Tears over smiles
The day has been aging
For reason it calls

And they keep on talking
I don't hear a word
Forth i keep walking
A vision without lord


Riding on the caravan ofpleasure and decay
Depravation,segregation i chose not to stay
Took my soul, took my dream, threw it all away
And the nightmare comes to life, fear swallowing me

Just an image, a projection of a paranoid brain
An invention, or a scenary that will never be
All the moments and the memories can't go down the drain
It's a fake, it's paranoy, it's a madman's fantasy

But what if it's not?
But what if it is?
But what if it's not?
Oh, please god make it stop!

G: I've heard you were calling
I've heard you were hurt
I'm here for you darling
Rise up from the dirt!

B: What miscief is this?
How could you be here?
The taste of your kiss
I still cannot feel

G: the answer's at hand

B: You're far from this land

G: My heart has not left

B: But your body did so

G: I know you don't know

B: If you're friend or foe

G: Just look inside

B: there's nothing inside, i'm alone in misery

G: don't you cry and just trust me, what you fear will never be

B: I would dare to hold you, but you are the rose

G: Don't cry 'cos your tears will poison my thorns

B: I tought you were lost without trace
See me crying with a smile on my face

G: Forget all the sorrow, forget all the pain
No one will love you the same
As I do now...


Her words are a cure
And I know for sure
I couldn't endure
This world's despair

Without her...

She gives me a shelter
She gives me a name
Our dream will not falter
And I will see her again

Time is a mennance
When it passes so slow
And it's just a pennance
Both: For the moments in wich we glow

I give her my trust
I give her my life
No future, no past
Both: Just the present, in wich we will dive

I would walk trough fire
I would fight the flame
To fufill my desire
Both: To be reunited again

The moment is now
The moment is real
In front of this magic I bow
Both: Love, be all we can feel

Both: Forevermore!.

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