Monday, 11 April 2011

The orange tree

This will be a full english post, that took a while to prefect, mainly because it's an aberation, made by an obscure man; A random tought that passed trough my mind one day and I said to myself "this shit is worth writing, at least for my sense of self-acomplishment, even tough, it's just some bullshit philosohpy"

When i was a little hungry, I went into the kitchen and wanted something to eat. I've stumbled upon an orange. A mere orange. A simple thing. It was nice, orangeish and had a good taste. I enjoyed it very much, given that it was delicious and also easy to peel off.
I spent 2 minutes just thinking about that stupid orange. I pictured all the things I was thinking about at that point and linked them to the orange I had just eaten.
I said to myslef "life just sort of is like an and orange tree".
I imediatly imagined an orange tree. What was i focusing on? The oranges. I imagined the tree for a couple of minutes and then I started noticing the leaves and the body of the tree. I said to myself "boy, those oranges whouldn't have grown if it wasn't for the rest of the tree...and yet, I only see the fruit, the thing that gives me an advantage. The thing on the surface, the thing that is just the outside result of a more grandous work.
I then made a connection with the people...the people that inhabit this world...or, should I say...society?.
There are so many kinds of them...but, wich one is more likeable.
There are of course, the people who buy the oranges and eat them, not ever thinking about the orange tree, just simply eating the oranges in their comfy chairs, without any worry whatsoever, careless and limited in the perspective of life; A simple glimpse of bland normality in this world.
There are the people who sell the oranges, traders that care nothing about anyone but thenselves and would do anything just to sell an orange. They don't even know how an orange tree looks like, they don't even know who are they selling the oranges to. They are simply individualist connectors between the orange tree and the couch people. They are selfish, but profitable, black holes on this world, ready to suck in anything that should ever come in their way. They are not blind, they just don't want to see.
Another type is the orange gatherer, who picks the oranges and delivers them to the traders. A gatherer is an unacomplished nobody, wich no one cares about ( maybe his family does, but still, to few people). He fails to see the orange tree, focusing on the fruit, clinging his life to a simple harvest of oranges. He can't see the orange tree, because his eyes can't afford it. He is a lost one and he lives only for others. Because of him others have profit and because of him, he himself only has survival. He spends his life near countless orange trees and still fails to see any of them.
At last, there is the gardner, the man who makes the wheel spin, the man who everyone owes everything to. He plants the tree, he watches it as it grows. He loves it, he dedicates himself to it. Not because of the others, not because it's his only way of survival, he could've been a gatherer if he'd liked to, and yet he chosed to be a gardned. He is the one who notices everything...the tree, the oranges, the gatherer, the salesman, the couch fattys , everything, knowing that even tough he sees it all, nobody will ever see him, think about him, aprreciate or repay him in any way. He is the root of the orange tree, that only the orange tree can see.
He makes it all possible, recieves nothing and...still, we don't know why he does it.
Nobody knows's not because of survival, it's not because of greed, it's not carelesness...but then, what is it?

I would like to think it's just because he likes the orange tree...

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